“ The Libertine ” ~ moot of noble mind ~


‘Tis said of man

The libertine,

Be morally moot

Of noble mind,

And wily so to boot

Will disabuse,

With wanton use

Maids who trust,

Would so dare

Gratify his lust,

Whilst he believes

His actions prove,

He idolized

Those he misused,

In varied guise…


Hence naïve women

Unmindful thus,

Will soon fall prey

To his devise,

If chance they must

Dare be in reach,

When he’ll enchant

To mesmerize,

For decadence

He’ll exercise,

On gentle mind

Or femme fatale,

Who be so careless

They be lured,

By the disguise

Of libertine,            

The morally moot

Of noble mind!


“ Man’s World ” ~ his 21st century rule ~


What we’ve attained

Said reprehensible,

Suffer man’s world

Affecting all creatures,

Of appetite incessant

In inhuman capacity,

Man pilots a wily aim,

For  insatiate rapacity…


Should you survive

This forced endure,

Of man’s taxonomy,

For failed sane fools,

Whose witless crazes

Of sanguinary drool,

Wants but discharge

A denouement barrage,

With care less penchant

For exercising cruel,

Thus you’ll be witness

As man’s world expires

In his 21st century rule!