“ The Wind ” ~ that whispers ~


Listen to the wind,

Softly whisper

Its chagrin,

Anxious tales

Harbouring sins

Of men for sale,

Who wile us in,

Won’t hesitate

On but a whim

To devastate,

Hid in the whispers

Of an angry wind…


Thus as wind wails

In mock reply,

A sadly echo

Of tortured cry,

Tells be destined

Meant soon to die,

While a final whisper

Be the wind’s good-bye!



“ An Angel ” ~ without wings ~

There are angels

Not of seraphim

Nor a cherubim,

An angel that be

Decidedly a she

Of secular whim, 

Angelic to the eye

Will candidly  imply,

She’s not immune to sin…


An angel just the same

Without need of wings,

In a curvaceous frame

Made of earthly things,

A siren yet so graceful

Gliding in the rhythm  

Of a tantalizing state,         

Where angels the like

Shan’t likely populate,

In a world of seraphim!

“ Frustrations ” ~ a taste of limbo ~

Said to describe

Sagacious scribes,                                              

A sorry carcass

Frustrates to contrive,

Yet means survive

To thus achieve,

The while sauces sin

And regurgitates

What he sucks in,

To satiate ones taste                                                   

By feeding every whim…                                          


Save frustrations

Be constant threat

To ones resolve,

With words akin

To be so wrought,                                                                              

As to be limboed      

In a dead man’s lot,

Robbed of musing light,

To write in mindful state

Of scribe’s relentless chase!