“ The Devil ” – is upstairs –

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                                                         painting by Jerome Bosch

” The Devil ”

            – is upstairs –

I hear the patter

Of a prancer,

Held the devil

Playing dancer,

On the floor


Comes from hell

Just to frolic,

In a manner

Casts a spell,

Her intention

Guised to prance,

Impishly carefree

Issues to imbue,

Like a banshee

Taunting you,

Of such rhythm

Be of voodoo,

Off the wall,

That conforms

To an eerie storm,

On the floor upstairs

She infernally performs!


                                     © Jean-Jacques Fournier  

                                         wrote in Vence, Fr.        

                                           April 21, 2003  



“ Impotence ” ~ a wall oblique ~

In fragile innocence

Finds first originate

The face of boundaries,

That which means feed

Limits inherently held,

Until we’ve broken thru

Our childhood impotence,

Thus to survive confines

Said then a wall oblique,

Till child be the man

He was destined so to find!

“ The Insecurity ” ~ of the unforgiving ~


One hears said

That time heals all,

Yet we begrudge

An inapposite call,

Aim want revenge

Wouldst seal a wall,

To fix such barrier

Placates the insecure,

Till finds hereafter

They’ll ne’er recall,

What matter caused

Merits unforgiving,

So as to shrivel mind

Lugubriously small,

To harbour ill feelings

Between we brothers

Or friends made fall!


“ Awake In A Dream ” ~ though asleep it seems ~

I’m awake

In a dream

Though asleep

It would seem,

I recall

Having counted

Them all,

The sheep

Who bring sleep,

And so roam

In my head,

At their face

I dare peek,                                          

In their stead

Be those loved,

Lined my mind

More than few

Now reside, inside

A necropolis wall,

Knowing more

I’ll eventually find,

Though not sheep

While asleep

Awake in a dream,

From this side of the wall!