“ Idle Wade ” ~ to escape pathos ~

Ye squander time

Lacking the know

Of rapid decline,

Or how long to go

Before its consign,

Will find abuse

Hence so resign,                                                           

From inert pursuit

Of animate minds,

Whose idle wade

Be comatose blind,

In a pathos shade

Of life’s meagre time!


“ A Psyche State ” ~ man finds create ~

Of dubious acuity                           

Be a psyche state,

That lingers not

Past soul can take,

Wanting naught

Of feelings

Nor of thought,

One can but tell

Man finds create

Be a world in hell…


If  suffered reach

This insipid wade,

You’d soon perceive

You quickly fade,

The while you waste

In psyche space,

Man fashioned

Be a barren place!