“ Solitude ” ~ of discerning attitude ~


A singular solitude

Having solo latitude

Of empirical hermiting,

Seeking that reclusion

From dubious vicissitude,

With inherent aptitude

Tells of yesterday

Ignoring deliberately  

Much of times way,

In indulgent sociability

Held be but child’s play,

Of post adolescent curiosity

Disadvantaging possibilities,

Of vital vigour, and vivacity

Crossing into adult’s hood,                                                         

That may well invite solitude

Of a more discerning attitude!

“ In Simple Terms ” ~ I yearn discern ~


I’ve a want to find

The fabric said to tell,                                                       

Intends the gift of life,

Hence image as well

That wouldst define,

The inclusion of its hell…


Tho close I realize

This gift to prize,

Be less than easy

To describe,

In simple terms,

For youth’s acuity

Reasons life a gift

Be but a given right,

So to assert saves need

Expose as vital deed,

Thus so on any term…


Since I’ve long lost

A once pubertal vision,

The constant I so yearn

Holds eager to discern

Complete, this gift of life,              

Alas in simple terms!