“ The Smile ” ~ wants trick reality ~

There’s a smile

On his face,

Tho for a while

He’ll embrace,

Gathered years

Of delusory state,

His abstruse façade

Holds stuff of tears,

Thus he feigns glad

No one can hear,

What surges inside

He’ll fancy hide,

By imaging wise,

To cover sorrow

Until it subsides,

As causes held wide

Wants trick reality,

With smile that disguises!

“ Merchant of Greed ” ~ the gods did fashion ~

On day six

The gods did fashion

A creature thick

They labelled man,

Save on day seven

Concept was panned,

As but a failed trick,

And forced to confess

‘Twas their worst yet,

This lowest living form

The world would get,  

And gods coined human …


Thus without a soul

Ingredient main

In held man’s role,

Ideated in its stead

Implanting greed

To complete its head,

Yet would err apart,

By the omit of a heart…


Hence till all be dust

This fashioned man,

Be a merchant of greed

Who’d forever fuss,

To feed an inexorable lust!


                                              ~ a cry for woman to usurp,

                                                         considering man’s record ~

“ The Picture ” ~ Satan’s malefic trick ~

I get a picture

Of eerie humans,

Who sprout wings

And fly from structures

That dangle on strings,                                                      

While I’m held amongst

These devil like monks… 


In this diabolic-fest,

My head brims

Of demonic pests,

So tell of it now

Before I digress,

And while I still feel                                               

In a mind so tattered                                   

It’s beginning to reel,

All of which speaks

Of a very mad hatter…                               


Tho but a picture

As would a bad dream,

Would that I rather         

Insane not be deemed,

For said picture depicts

One of Satan’s malefic tricks!