A Poetic Trio – of fated time –

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A Mask

Will in time
Knit façade,
Like a mask
For the mind,
Blinds fate past!

Shades – of time –

Seem out of place
Fate’s shades of time,
Too soon effaced
A once upon sublime, 
Find lost in waist 
Humanity’s sad define,
Tho truth known 
Rashly yours and mine! 


          – adjudged end unknown –

As I recall now,
Of early dawn
The gods avow,
Scant paragon
Be held to end,
As I grow wise
Find so intend,
To forever thrive,
In minds eye norm
Be of fates trickeries,
Adjudged end unknown!  
                           © Jean-Jacques Fournier

All 3 poems, abridged for short version, 
written in Sweetsburg July 10, 2021
Music - Maurice Ravel, Excerpt of Sonatine 1
Imagery - Private & public
Audio Recital - Jean-Jacques Fournier

“ The Paradise I Knew ” ~ or so I’d dreamed ~


The paradise I knew

Lost now to years,

When youth yet be

A part of me,

And had no boundaries

As far as you could see…


‘Twas paradise alive

For life to thrive

On courage sound,

Would so derive

Felicity that loomed

Thru fate want found…


Alas would end

Such reveries of youth,   

The while did suffer

Fantasies falter,

As mature felt reality

Eventually alter

The paradise I knew,

Or so I’d dreamed!