“ A Short Death ” ~ be nocturnal sleep ~

One comes to terms

With nocturnal sleep,

Be cause for concern

It stays as brief keep,

Of enduring sojourn

To enjoy its breadth,

Save in transient term

Be but a short death,

That has us come back

In a day breaking way,

Tho ne’er assured fact

Let wishful thought play,

Thus so for more than a day!


“ In Simple Terms ” ~ I yearn discern ~


I’ve a want to find

The fabric said to tell,                                                       

Intends the gift of life,

Hence image as well

That wouldst define,

The inclusion of its hell…


Tho close I realize

This gift to prize,

Be less than easy

To describe,

In simple terms,

For youth’s acuity

Reasons life a gift

Be but a given right,

So to assert saves need

Expose as vital deed,

Thus so on any term…


Since I’ve long lost

A once pubertal vision,

The constant I so yearn

Holds eager to discern

Complete, this gift of life,              

Alas in simple terms!