“ The Hand ” ~ that feeds ~

As I observe

The hand

That feeds,

Wants serve

The life I live

With verve,

Fashioned so

As fate did give,

To find contrive

Thru every curve

Meant stay alive,

Be worth invest

In destined strides,

Hence to survive

The waning signs

We visualize,

Protuberant veins

Neath thinning skin

Covers aging within,

Telling of life ephemeral

The while bemoaning

Mind means decline,

This hand will feed me still!

“ A Vertigo State ” ~ of imbroglio ~

Haltingly I advance, 

With anxious strides

Somewhat askance,

When motion bides

To find me suffer,

Life’s equilibrium

Has near gone adrift…


As tho in a trance

In a vertigo state

Of imbroglio,

I reach to survive

Only to recognize,

A world dehumanized

By man’s indifference,

That exhibits alas

A self-serving egoism,

And ultimate reality

Of fellowman’s apathy!