“ A Prayer ” ~ for nonbeliever ~

On a spiritual hold

Borne of believers

By traditional bold,

Be of meagre ethics

Held mystic of old,

Suggests invocation,

Said for nonbeliever

Be an offer of thanks,

In words that declare

An ever sober prayer…

Hence has us wonder

If sufficient be there,

Despite mans despair

For life giving water,

And breathable air!

“ From Tears ” ~ of a dolour soul ~

I’ll tell you a story

More of a tale,

May leave you sorry

For it be on a scale

Of  sentient passage,

That can but come

From tears

Of a dolour soul,

Where one now finds

More than do cheers

In  life worn  time…


‘Tis a story of old

That reaches the soul

As awareness grows,

In life’s exchange

Of pleasure for pain,

Coming too fast

To instantly grasp,

While latter takes reign,

Tho the impact will pass

Its perception may not,

For but memory  lends

You’ll endure its attend,

What life  brings to the end!                                        a reflection