“ The Consequence ” ~ of forgetfulness ~

You come to believe

Thru serene control,

Had then so achieved

A mind now set bold,

Held made concede

Put memory on hold,

Save too little known

Of significance told,

When recall has flown

To a mindless absent,

Tho spirit may mourn

Fickle fate will consent,   

With memory conform

To consequence bent,

Of forgetfulness shorn!

                                                                                    written in Italia, May 3, 2018

                                                                                            © Jean-Jacques Fournier




” Living Life ” ~ close to the edge ~


You feel ’tis habit

After  while,

Tho ambles close

To reconcile,

‘Tis bound to blur

A willing spirit,

Of weak epidermis,

Who’d loathe fit

Living life dimly,

So aims  to stick

Close to the edge!