“ First Love ” ~ that special place ~

Years so many

A sweet memory,

We fondly keep

Of days felt whole,

When youth’s first love

Did magically take hold…


To someone’s heart

We’d found a way,

Yet from the start

For some ‘twas play,

Thus a short stay

Would so compose,

A first love’s fate

Might find to morn,

That special place

Until one looked beyond

Sad and forlorn,

Embraces lost love bound!

“ Friendship ” ~ that special gift ~

Of rare occasion

Be such present

As friendship,

Held to bestow

Upon ones life, 

Chance caused

Find a place

Where so decides,

Incarnate state

Best be ascribed,

Thus years ago

Held many more,

Serendipity alas       

Upon me did bestow

That special gift!