“ A Way ” ~ held free ~


If I should find

Life in a way

Held free,

I venture say

Wouldst be a day

Whole I thus be,

Yet I’ll be spared

To suffer accept

That I’m rather inept,

For I always forget

Only dreams be held free!



The Simple Life ” ~ of free to be ~


The simple life

Be thus my plea

Of all that leads

To keep me free,

Of endless strife,

Hence too spared

Of empty words        

That I be freed

From covetous rule

Peopled by fools,

And ne’er be fixed

To sanguine creeds,

Like verbose drool

On unwary seeds,

Who feed their guile

Until made blind

By oracles that bind,

Would that their world

Be judged freedom

Far from the simple life,

Wants but be free!