“ Solitude ” ~ of discerning attitude ~


A singular solitude

Having solo latitude

Of empirical hermiting,

Seeking that reclusion

From dubious vicissitude,

With inherent aptitude

Tells of yesterday

Ignoring deliberately  

Much of times way,

In indulgent sociability

Held be but child’s play,

Of post adolescent curiosity

Disadvantaging possibilities,

Of vital vigour, and vivacity

Crossing into adult’s hood,                                                         

That may well invite solitude

Of a more discerning attitude!

“ Solitude ” ~ a coexistence ~


I found redress

In solitude,

A coexistence

With oneself,

Gives credence,

To relinquish

Social imitate,

Finding release

From conformity,

For a welcome slice

Of tranquil time,

Offering equability

Worth reaching,

A cause to choose

One visit solitude!

“ Solitude ” ~ or empirical hermit ~


A singular solitude

Having solo attitude,

Of empirical hermiting

With inherent aptitude,

Seeking thus reclusion

From dubious vicissitude,

Tells of yesterday 

Suggesting singles’ play,

And ever wildish sprees

Be much of times way

Indulging sociability,

For life be then a bout

Of post adolescent curiosity,

Advantaging the possibilities,

With vigour and vivacity…  


But then one crossed                                                               

To adult’s hood,

At odds to reassess

Having understood,

The consequential blast

Of sociable harass,

As tide looks to run out

Of solitude portentous,

That may invite the solitary

To a more discerning class!