“ The Unbearable Silence ” ~ of Charlie Hebdo ~

They draw the lines
In twists and shapes,
That means depict
Bleak minds to face,
In wearying state
Of fanatical politics,
And religious fakes
Of profiteering prophets,
In varied shades extremist
All would be fodder
For satirical exposure,
Decries need for disclosure
By impish mind humorists,
Who forever meant persist
Save for life they gave,
Yet will ne’er be made silent
For they’ll speak from the grave!

ode to Charlie Hebdo’s of the world,
they to be missed departed satirists,
of freedom of expression,
who would not be silenced!

They would not be silenced!
By religious, political and ideological extremists, and exclusionary nationalism…

In homage to the satirical free speech and liberty
of expression exponents. We honour the stalwarts
of Charlie Hebdo, and fellow artists throughout the world!

These are the men who, for their satirical humorous insight,
were cowardly gunned down by the fanatics of so called
twisted religious dictates, with which no prophet would

We mourn these raconteurs and exponents of freedom of expression.
May their memory live on as a symbol of freedom that is not negotiable.

“ A Mental Silence ” ~ begs redress ~


You’d want press

For words merit

Noesis expressed,

Beseeching spirit

Not inhibit redress,

Thus find meaning

Afore anguish poses

Want that imposes,

Alas a mental silence!

“ Trials And Tribulations ” ~ of a thousand wingless doves ~


There are trials

And tribulations,

From creaking doors

To warped thin floors

In wilted habitations,

Where one beneath

Hears agitated feet,

That prance about

Like an apathetic lout,

Tapping with a beat

Of volume far above,

An infernal noisy flock

Of a thousand wingless doves…


Oh blissful silence

Why dost thou forsake me!