“ The Mind ” ~ of a voiceless child ~

Looking to hide

In a ravaged crowd,

Where war has him bide

In rag-torn shrouds,

For all that be left

Of this voiceless child,

Be a mind bereft

Feeling cast aside,

In a torturous tide

Of victims’ loud cries,

As dead bodies fall

From gory guns bane

Of spent soldiers insane,

That no longer recall

Were once poets near all,

Now brain-damaged mob

Be creatures caballed

Who follow a broken god,

Said maker of orphans

Who find shelter in rubble,

A place they’d once called home!

                                                                           ode to war orphaned children


“ If Memory Fails ” ~ I’ve towed the line ~


If memory fails

And I should falter,

Take me to find

A kindly shelter,

Thus so to guide

A growing burden

Of once held pride,

To a kindly place

Of said seclusion

For a dying mind,

Whose fading use

Be running shy of time,

Thence I may sense

When memory’s failed,

I once towed my own line!