“ The Picture ” ~ Satan’s malefic trick ~

I get a picture

Of eerie humans,

Who sprout wings

And fly from structures

That dangle on strings,                                                      

While I’m held amongst

These devil like monks… 


In this diabolic-fest,

My head brims

Of demonic pests,

So tell of it now

Before I digress,

And while I still feel                                               

In a mind so tattered                                   

It’s beginning to reel,

All of which speaks

Of a very mad hatter…                               


Tho but a picture

As would a bad dream,

Would that I rather         

Insane not be deemed,

For said picture depicts

One of Satan’s malefic tricks!

“ A Story Of Would ” ~ tired of good ~


A story of would

Speaks of a soul,

Said to be whole

Soon tired of good,

So mused he could

Choose to beguile,

Until he’d succeed

To cough up the child,

Who’d fashion seed

Ought turn the tide,

To that satanish spell

Where he might ride

The good’s other side,

So ye cads listen well

To Beelzebub tell

This tale of a ride,

For be damnably wild,

Sure to finish in hell!