“ Peace of Mind ” ~ each day defines ~

You want find

To live without


To harmonize

Peace of mind,


To fashion wise


Thus so align

With acuity,

Each day defines

Depict life whole ,

The while binds

Provide sanity,

Till fades alas,

This precious time,

Seeks find embrace

That peace of mind!

“ The Celebration ” ~ in a timeless place ~

The while I linger
With uncertainty
I seek to find
A sanguine state,
Thus so in time
To join the gods
Who laugh at fate,
And celebrate,
Careless of life
In a timeless place!

ode to the sanity of fantasy…

“ The Sound of Silence ” ~ a blissful pleasure ~

Ah to be free

Of obstreperous sounds,

Man’s din vociferous

That so abounds,

Ever torturing

An anguished ear

Implied inured,

We’re made to hear

Too far beyond,

Man meant endure…


Oh for the sound

Of deafening stillness,

A resounding calm

Of blissful pleasure,

In the healing balm

Of echoing silence,

You can almost hear

From the quiet whisper

Of a falling tear,

For the sound of silence!