“ Life ” ~ be but a minute ~

As journey’s impart

Finds also compose,

Our life held chart

Of now fading echoes,

As images seek focus

On one’s wistful past,

While memory delves

In dormant baggage,

Where evidences start

One’s minute of living,

Which is to be our life…


As life be but a minute

I’ve no time left to waste,

So overlook my rancour

If you crowd my space,

Or find to be an anchor

In my short-lived race,

Tho I sound rather terse

I’m not without candour,

But understand my strife

For with so little time,

I’ve reason to make haste…


I might have shown fear

Or shed a meagre tear,

To decelerate the process

That fixed  fall’s arrival,

In the wake of all that dies

As will  prized September,

Thus with all it finds allied

Make peace with December,

For soon you’re gone to rest

To lie neath earthen blanket,

Should our minute’s life end next!


                                                                                    © Jean-Jacques Fournier