“ Democracy’s Camouflage ” ~ of hand me down politics ~


Iniquitous we’ll agree

Life in a system rigged

Implied our democracy,

Alas where now to run

That we may be free,

From ignorance spun

In camouflaged debris,

Of hand me down

Political philosophy,

Said immoral fodder

For we the citizenry,

Made bear this anomaly

To feed the powers that be!


                                       Ode to Trumpeting  a Mayor’s Wall…


“ Apostasy ” ~ of held beliefs ~




To abandon   

One’s beliefs,

Through old views

That but prolong,

A bogus song

Lacking grounds,

Be not worth holding…


Alas no measure

Of import

Worth support,

Held beliefs

That imposes

Mostly grief…


Thus one need purge

What alters mind,          

To hence urge

Thru spurious ways

We accept blind,

When prior’s trust,

Evinced apostasy just!

                                                                                                ode to a friend

                                                                                       who grasps the nuance 



“ The Extension ” ~ life’s reality ~

A mere extension

Of another

Be we creatures,

And so born

In shapes or form

That designate

Our species,

And said gender,

Who’s life extends

Until its need

To feed

Comes to an end,

And so will live

Until life gives

No more,

And then be gone

To make room

For another…


Ergo the extension

Of another,

Be life’s reality,

Without the trappings

Man’s designs so offer!