“ Humanity ” ~ a contradiction ~


I endeavour to be there

For alleged fellowman,

Whose illusionary care

Rejects an offered hand,

Has humanity in doubt

That he fails understand,

What transience is about

Links affair to be human,

Save finds a contradiction

In homo sapiens’ acumen,

As to mans interpretation

With a passion to contrive,

We’d ignored his fixations

The while we’re still alive,

Yet ‘twould be our inaction

Cause averts man to survive,

And procrastinating factions

Who’d be hell bent to divide,

Thus we’d not live to next tide!


                                                                             © Jean-Jacques Fournier



“ The Journey Home ” ~ waiting in the follows ~

He’d long gone,

She so longed,

Both waiting

In the follows

Of their passion,

Living in a limbo

Of yearning love,

As from the sonset

Be as if time froze,

Wanting but a sign

That destiny impose,

Love be meant find

The journey home!

“ Hazards ” ~ of the heart ~


The language

Of the heart

Be fraught

With hazards,

From repudiation

To enchantment,

Engaging emotions,

With kindred spirit,

In quest of feelings

To so stir passions,

Alas where peril lies…


So beware unwise

Where hazards bide

In love’s insistence,

Less you forget         

Be wisdom’s rule,

Of wants be guide

To needy heart fools!