“ Errant Knight ” ~ an untimely spirit ~

Once errant knight
I journeyed bold
To the edge of life,
An untimely spirit
On a world in plight
Now in endless dark,
With anxious mind
Renders so eager
To leave behind,
Seen odious times
Wants ne’er more suffer,
These ominous flights
They’ve made of our world!

“ Night Demons ” ~ in a child’s bed ~


My gaze fixates

On ghastly settings,

Lurid hatchings

Wickedly depicting

Aspects of time,

In childish dreams

Living vividly

As ghoulish heads,

Inside the pillow

Of a child’s bed…


Yet tho I try to flee

Night demons that be,

They still indulge

To inject my sleep

With warping images

Of odious sweeps,

Till endurance falters,

And thus my screams

Of adolescent dreams…


On lonely nights

They will take flight

To wrest the slumber

From frenzied weepers,

Till whimpers turn to wails

From wretched gruesome tails,

Reaching to seem real

As wouldst my nightly demons!


“ The Pollutician ” ~ known as politician ~


There be a time

Man believed,

The Machiavellian

Twisted mind,

Tho by and by

He edified,

His naïve belief

In guileful beings,

Waged employees

Of the electorate,

Known as politicians

Who would so dupe,

A trusting populace…


Thus dictionary tells

Politician be defined,

With a flattering say

Is that of schemer,

Who tries to gain

A sly advantage,

In underhanded way…


Hence fit homology

For false egalitarian,

We credulous spirits

Naïvely trust as true,

Offers that of polluter

As reference relevant,

To expose immorality

Of these odious beings,

I coin a name for thee

Pollutician, ye now be!