“ A Mind Above ” ~ inhuman anguish ~


Wouldst thou allow

A man succumb,

To inhuman anguish

And suffer numb,

In state diminished

Fellowman forsaken,

Yet detectable signs

Of viable resolve,

Remain ignored

By we of mind above…


Whom have we become,

Who chose be indifferent

To inhuman anguish!


                                  ode to man’s evolution gone amiss…

“ A Dream ” ~ without end ~


I’ve a feeling

I’m tumbling,

In a dream

It would seem,

So explicit

It screams,

Of emotions

In nightmarish


When of sudden

Time halts,

The while I run,

Tho anchored in place

In a body not mine,

Yet frantically numb

Has me frozen in time,

In a dream without end!