“ An Instant ” ~ nudges held distant ~


There’s an instant

In man’s life clock,

Nudges held distant

Thus to take stock,

Of his ebbing time

The gods but mock,

His maturing soul

Would incite mind,

To divest his whole

Of accumulated finds,

While then given bold

Hence till fate decrees blind,

To adversely admit hedging old!


                                                 You’ve no need to wonder,

                                                                you just wait your turn…

“ A Matter Of Time ” ~ age ensures ~


It matters not

Young minds

Be muddled

In bedim matter,

Pap if be told

Be less than bold

But a short time,

For soon ensues

The fated trigger

Of full-term old…


Alas that play

Will find its way

And so intrude,

To nudge you budge

Tho somewhat rude,

Meant best to loose

Your garrotte hold

On fighting old,

And start to taste

Its wine’s allure 

As it unfolds,

Which age ensures

In a matter of time!