“ A Short Death ” ~ be nocturnal sleep ~

One comes to terms

With nocturnal sleep,

Be cause for concern

It stays as brief keep,

Of enduring sojourn

To enjoy its breadth,

Save in transient term

Be but a short death,

That has us come back

In a day breaking way,

Tho ne’er assured fact

Let wishful thought play,

Thus so for more than a day!


“ Dreams for Reasons ” ~ of phantasmagoric delight ~


If you can reach

Beyond reality,

To thus so dream

With cerebral acuity,

You may transcend

Wonted portend,

In out of person                                                          

Sleep nocturnal,

If operose plight

Leaves you contrite,

In nightmares lined

With shades of night,

And issue begs

Be rid of fretful sights,

You might extol

Such dreams

Held ever bold,

Be screened

From light of day,

And duly purged

From nightly dreams,

Whose phantasmagoric lean

Meant be our night’s delight!

                                                                              ode to Edgar Allan Poe