“ In Man ” ~ we trust ~

Being bold

We ventured

To uphold,

The objectivity

Of a creature

Named man,

To trust implicitly                                                                                           

This elected being,                                             

Believed noble

And assuredly whole,

Could not be suspect                  

Of an exiguous soul,

Nor likely crafted

To a liken fraud,

As his invented god…


Thus we till dead,

Man be a mortal

Creatures most dread,

Yet can’t negate

Naively we’re beguiled

With his earthly state,

When all the while,

Hold query trust in man!

“ The Raven ” ~ a corvidae misread ~


Iniquitous stead

This potentate

Of noble head,

Out of domain

Unjustly said

Of mind or deed,

The raven

A corvidae misread,

Be perceived

In a distorted way,

A vulgar seed

Meant but infer

A common bird,

Tho be the raven,  

A regal creature

Of the heavens!