“ Awake In A Dream ” ~ though asleep it seems ~

I’m awake

In a dream

Though asleep

It would seem,

I recall

Having counted

Them all,

The sheep

Who bring sleep,

And so roam

In my head,

At their face

I dare peek,                                          

In their stead

Be those loved,

Lined my mind

More than few

Now reside, inside

A necropolis wall,

Knowing more

I’ll eventually find,

Though not sheep

While asleep

Awake in a dream,

From this side of the wall! 

“ Forever ” ~ one’s reside ~

Faces I knew

Line my mind,

More than a few

Forever more

Be now assigned,

Hence to reside

Somewhere inside,

Necropolises resign

Where I so find

They I had loved,

And whom I weep

When memory bides,

Awake or in my sleep!