– to know why –

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– to know why –

Would it matter,
To know why,
If one didn’t
Get an answer,
Having thought
To wonder,
Ought question
Mental wrought,
Find whether
Trouble ought,
Tho no longer
Above water,
While persists
Probe forever,
One considers  
Being clever,
Mightn’t ever 
Learn reply,
To know why, 
Best be left
Without an answer!

Imagery - Wikimedia Commons
Music - excerpt of Debussy, Chopin, Satie (Piano Music)
Audio - Jean-Jacques Fournier

                                                    © Jean-Jacques Fournier 	
			                               written in Sweetsburg
			                                     April 17, 2022

“ The Dark Side ” ~ of a clouded mind ~


You set the play

Said to locate

Along the way,

That so recalls

How you’ll stay

In mindful state,

Only to end

On the dark side

Of a clouded mind…


Now you must find

The wherewithal,

To extravasate

Your daemons’ call,

Who but indulge

In plots that ebb

Your mind to fall…


But matters less

Now be the day

A place you find,

Infers be peace

Finds holds the line,

Tho be the dark side,

Of that clouded mind!