“ A Road ” ~ that has a home ~


I’ve roamed

Far beyond Rome,

And in between

Sites that did mean

Recall one day,

What must be seen

To find their way

In minds held keen,

That musings stay

To hold the memory

Of insistent places,

Where one still hears

Echoes of the faceless,

In a world of tears

Where life soon passes,

With utter indifference

To their relentless fears…


The while I roam

Roads I have known,

Yet find them looking

For a road that has a home!


“ Small Minds ” ~ of mean spirited ways ~


Sons of said biddies

Known as hillbillies,

Live in small minds

Of mean spirited ways,

While held imbecilic

Have manners blind

And divest of civility,

Where one soon finds

They’re from the sticks,

Of wits whittled thinly

Somewhat borderline,

These alleged hicks

In a country said hilly!