“ Followed Heroes ” ~ that weren’t ~

We followed heroes

That weren’t,

They who sent boys

In their stead

To get burnt,

Maimed, lamed

Or wretchedly dead…


We follow cowards,

Who professed

To undo the mess,

Of affluent power

Held un-confessed,


Of partisan-fests,

Only to find

They heroed us blind,

To pocket what’s yours

And what’s mine…


Yet we the naive

Follow heroes that aren’t,

Who cause us grieve,

The while charade

Fixing the morrows,

To incarnate their masquerade!

“ People ” ~ who parade ~


I see people

Who parade,

Watched by they

Whose charade

Fool no other,

Yet they vary

Their façade,

Trying hard

To disregard,

They be barb

For one another…


Might be better

To look deeper

At their proper,

Thus find reason

Be themselves,

Not like others

Who so chose


Which alas

Will not alter

They’re but clad

Would be people!