“ In the Lurch ” ~ sitting on a perch ~


They’ve left us

In the lurch,

Sitting on a perch

Lost and unaware

We who were alert,

Once of human trait

Fashioned so to care,

Said analogous of  gait

Now beings in despair

On this planet earth,

When man paid a visit

He bled it dry of worth,

Utterly indifferent

Of once fertile play,

A likened spent search

Holds sanity in wait,

While sitting on a perch!

                                                        a consequence of indifference


“ Anonymous ” ~ by design ~

Buried neath

A sad façade,

Cloaked in layers, 

Of ambiguity…


Masked in aura                                            

Of mystique,

Who would see

This pulchritude

Likened to a rose,

Veiled behind

Sorrow so bleak,

Wouldst by design

Endure anonymous!