“ Amity ” ~ of a kind ~

I look for words

That reach,

To help me find

Amity alter time,

Enough to assign

A brutal world

Grow less unkind…


Words I may find,

Could so discern

Amity of a kind,

Would so touch man

To finally be as one,

Hence to bind a lifetime!

“ The Gift Of A Day ” ~ tells of being alive ~


Be a kind of guide

Told of being alive…



Fate made to give,

That I derive

The gift of a day,

An extended stay

Held staying alive…



Will be

If I survive,

So I’ve no mind

And far less time

For such concern,

That mayn’t arrive…


Thus the morrows

I’ll choose each so,

As tho a lifetime                                            

That I’ve yet to live !

“ Such Friends ” ~ to discover ~

There are friends

You take a lifetime

To discover,

And such friends

Who make a lifetime

A discovery

Worth the journey…



In that between,

There is a friend

With such affinity,

As to instantly

Be a lifetime friend,


I’ve such a friend!

                                                     ode to Pierre Ste.Marie, 

                                                                                  such a friend.