“ With Morrows ” ~ crowding close ~


At lifespan pace,

With morrows

Crowding close,

The days so burn

There’s barely light,

Afore I’m to adjourn

From yet in sight,

While I urge to find,

Time left to see the night!



“ Morrows ” ~ ever nearer ~


Should you doubt

Life’s fleeting pace,

I’ll set you right

On lifespan’s face,

The days that burn

With barely time

To see the night,

Or a full term

Of this life’s race,

Save ye borrow

Someone’s turn

Afore the morrow,

Less fate means play

A slice of mirth,

And chose instead

A bed of earth,

Be untimely stead

Tells best not dwell,

On wasteful notions

While ever nearer be,

Those waiting morrows!