“ Apologies ”- to expiate demise –

Oh so often we apologize

Just to make amends,

Or avoid being chastised

We effort find portend,

Till failing begs apprise

We seek impede condemn,

Fated waning enterprise

Of which we learn contend,

As time gorges on our pride

That leaves but dust to mend,

With a soupçon of recall guise

For the loss of once held friend,

With otiose apologies to expiate demise!

                                                              © Jean-Jacques Fournier


“ I Want To Tell ” ~ of things that sing ~

I want to tell

Of time that brings,

An early spring

Restoring life

To summer brooks,

Of twisting ripples

Through shady nooks…


I want to tell

Of stars that twinkle

In your eyes

As you allow a smile

Replace a shy disguise,

More than a while…


I want to tell

About the wind

That plays in trees,

To kiss the leaves,

That flutter slightly

In its gentle breeze…


I want to tell

Of things on wings,

Said butterflies

Will decorate the skies,

Be nature’s doing

Hence until they die…


I want to tell

Of bumblebees,

Bumbling leisurely

As summer plies,

Its mellow zephyr

In nature’s dance,

Till autumn requires …


I want to tell

Of things that sing,

The while you live

With love to give,

May spare a mind

Of man’s made hell,

A world we can but find!


“ Autumn Leaves ” ~ on a shivery eve ~


As autumn leaves

A shivery eve,

Shadows fall

Upon my mind,

Obscuring shades

While vista fades,

I’m made to feel

Nature betrayed

What summer gave

In sun filled days…


Thus autumn leaves

My soul behind,

A summer hostage

Of pleas ignored

To keep alive,

Fair weather skies

And butterflies …


Soon winter’s blast

Will cast a haze,

To chase the last

Of autumn leaves,                                                        

And Frost said Jack

Will come awake

In a world grey,

And blustery wake…


Tho I’d turn back

Fall season’s clock,

Nature chose hold

Its mortal code,

For Thanatos

To now wrest

Last season’s hold

On autumn leaves,

To thus make way,                             

For winter’s cold!