“ The Celebration ” ~ in a timeless place ~

The while I linger
With uncertainty
I seek to find
A sanguine state,
Thus so in time
To join the gods
Who laugh at fate,
And celebrate,
Careless of life
In a timeless place!

ode to the sanity of fantasy…

“ Life In Timeless State ” ~ to laugh at fate ~

As I await

Familiar faces

I stray not far

Of wonted places,

For I so dread

If should I roam

I’d find them gone,

Or thus alone

And in their stead

Be grim spirits

Want fuss my head,

The while I linger

Hopeful to find

Life beyond time,

Whereas I’ve still

The strength of will,

To join held gods

Who laugh at fate,

As they so celebrate

Careless of time,

In timeless state!