“ A Memorable Stay ” ~ shades of an instant ~

You’ll find a bend

In the road ahead,

Should you intend

Muse in its stead,

Thus so to ponder

If you have stock,

Suffice grants a stay

Affords a fading clock,

Extends reach yonder…

If fate finds lend

This road gives way,

To live beyond

Prescribed advent,

Thinks worth amend

To this found journey,

Held a memorable stay

Though an hour or a day,

Portend shades of an instant!

“ Vanished ” ~ a lost friend ~

Will I be there

As I intend,

With ample time

For a lost friend,

He of a mind

Echoing mine,

Did one day pen

The like inspired

Might find amends…


No matter where

I seek to find,

Not in a state

To care too late  ,

But wits aware

To so repair,

Purpose aligned

Those years ago,

Since undermined…   


Tho life bids want,

Care but suggests

To not long dwell

The depths of hell,

Save there be more

Of lived before,

A friendship set adrift

Yet not quite vanished!

“ Accessible ” ~ despite a mindful bend~


I’ve want to find

But simple words

Held be accessible,

Though at times

May fail to rate

Idea of equitable,

To compose state

Complex in thought,

That fosters lend

Worth contemplate,

Cause means intend

Reason perceived

Despite a mindful bend,

Bar should frustrate,

Appeal to intellectuality!


“ In Simple Terms ” ~ I yearn discern ~


I’ve a want to find

The fabric said to tell,                                                       

Intends the gift of life,

Hence image as well

That wouldst define,

The inclusion of its hell…


Tho close I realize

This gift to prize,

Be less than easy

To describe,

In simple terms,

For youth’s acuity

Reasons life a gift

Be but a given right,

So to assert saves need

Expose as vital deed,

Thus so on any term…


Since I’ve long lost

A once pubertal vision,

The constant I so yearn

Holds eager to discern

Complete, this gift of life,              

Alas in simple terms!