“ The Child In Me ” – held shades of used to be –

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The Child In Me

           – held shades of used to be –

Though many say

He’s but a shadow,

Held shades

Of used to be,

I play their game

But truly feel,

He’s still the same

The child in me…


Some even doubt

He still be there,

And more maintain

I am for naught,

The child is gone,

My hopes are fraught

With dreams

Of used to be…


But I say not,

I know the child

Yet lives in me,

And always must

As part of man,

From birth

Until that day

We turn to dust…


It matters not,

Though but a shade

Of used to be,

I know it’s him,

And so insist

He still exists

The child in me!

                                          written in Vence, Fr.

                                                  © Jean-Jacques Fournier


“ Relinquished ” ~ of uncertainty ~

Abandoned thus

To absurdity,

The part of me

That did insist,

On feelings

Of uncertainty…

I then relinquished


Once I distinguished

The enormity,

Of life in a mind free!

                                                          ode to an awakening…

“ I Never Do Insist ” ~ tho I be so bid ~


I badger I pressure

I brow beat I pester,

And even lament

For cause gone amiss,

If need be I torment

Tho I never do insist…


I dismiss I displace

I’m remiss to disgrace,

And erase to save face

When I’m out of place,

Tho I never do insist…


I coerce I compel

I harass I cajole,

Kick ass if they sass

Save ever with class,

Tho I never do insist…


I dare say

I don’t grieve

If wants sway,

I’ve knack to achieve

Of obtuse to be rid

If I be so bid,

Tho I never do insist!