“ An Instant ” ~ nudges held distant ~


There’s an instant

In man’s life clock,

Nudges held distant

Thus to take stock,

Of his ebbing time

The gods but mock,

His maturing soul

Would incite mind,

To divest his whole

Of accumulated finds,

While then given bold

Hence till fate decrees blind,

To adversely admit hedging old!


                                                 You’ve no need to wonder,

                                                                you just wait your turn…

“ Temperamental Way ” ~ instrument of reactivity ~


You diabolical


Of peculiarity,

Pulling or pushing



My postulation

Op purposeful state,

I could but hope

This not be my fate…


You an instrument

Of reactivity,

Able to incite anger

In wrathful manner,

Ensue with sorrow

Beyond the matter…



You have me blocked

Waiting in the shadows

Like a helpless hock,       

I search where to begin

Wouldst find to stay,

One’s temperamental way!