“ Doing It Right ” ~ bids ne’er guarantee ~

You reach a point

Has you convinced

You’ve done it right,

That you’d persist

Thus without doubt,

Despite held plight

And risk of drought,

Refuses to detract

Obeying ones intuit,

That finds shed light

On wants get it done

With implied insight,

Hence doing it right

In spite of perchance,

Fickle fate chose slight

To state obvious stand,

Bids ne’er a guarantee!


“ Another Road ” ~ while ataraxia implies ~

Another road

Wants but persuade

Leads to paradise,

But not till there

You’d realize,

It falsely bades

To road disguised,

That serves to hide 

Its likely path be hell,

While ataraxia you seek

Is where you now reside,

Thus so implies

Need not a road to bide!