“ A Fox ” ~ in a box ~

Alas poor fox

Tho fast enough

Risks be caught,

But due to hunger

Has need wander,

Yet ever deeper

Finds but danger,

Where soon fox

Suffers a trap,

Then sent in a box

To parade as a hat,

Or  a fox coat done so,

Just to tease la Bardot!

                                                            ode to Brigitte Bardot…


           I am a supporter of all ‘animal life protection’ wild and tamed,

                                as well as the privileged owner of two Maine Coon cats!


          I am also presently under treatment for my black humour illness…

“ The Crow ” ~ that was ~

I am the crow

That was before,

Now made to go

For a last chore,

To find the place

Where I’m to lie,

As will old crows

When time to die,

The while remember

I am the crow,

Who with its caw

Be crow you saw,

Meant let you know

Hunger weren’t lore

Nor presence to ignore,

Tho now be just a crow

That is alas no more!

“ Abandoned ” ~ in a world inhuman ~


I see abandoned

Expressing empty

From ill fortune, 

As despair stocks

To suffer grief

Upon the living

Life betrays,

Imposed on minds

In broken bodies

Of beings obscure,

Forced to endure

A life mundane…


Thus so ignored

Our lesser beings,

Excluded people

Inhabit shadows,

Yet reach in vain               

To ease the strain,                                                                                         

Alas for naught                                                                                  

As they’ve no place                                                                                   

In this ruthless race,                                                                                           

Of abandoned humans                                                                                        

In a world inhuman!