“ Freedom ” ~ requires not assertion ~

Why do they speak

Of freedom,

As  to dispense

Be of their province,

By what measure

Need expense

Falsely imply,

Want approbate

Fashions certainty,

Of inferred liberty…  


Who, so presumes,

Can rule we’re free,

Or they’ve a right

To author a decree, 

On any moral stake

Officiate so declare,

Such be their dictate…


They, paltry thespians

Speak of freedom,

As though in some play

Autonomy be their say,

Or self-determination

Wouldst be in doubt…


Why do they postulate

With such hypocrisy,

As if their fallacies

Ought give me liberty,

Whilst I’m already free,

Requiring not assertion

Thus my freedom be!

“ Friendship ” ~ that special gift ~

Of rare occasion

Be such present

As friendship,

Held to bestow

Upon ones life, 

Chance caused

Find a place

Where so decides,

Incarnate state

Best be ascribed,

Thus years ago

Held many more,

Serendipity alas       

Upon me did bestow

That special gift!


“ Apostasy ” ~ of held beliefs ~




To abandon   

One’s beliefs,

Through old views

That but prolong,

A bogus song

Lacking grounds,

Be not worth holding…


Alas no measure

Of import

Worth support,

Held beliefs

That imposes

Mostly grief…


Thus one need purge

What alters mind,          

To hence urge

Thru spurious ways

We accept blind,

When prior’s trust,

Evinced apostasy just!

                                                                                                ode to a friend

                                                                                       who grasps the nuance