“ The Hat ” – tit for tat –

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“ The Hat ”

– tit for tat –

He wore the hat

To dress his head,

Tho tit for tat

And so with dread,

He wares it now

Hides pilus dead,

Or gone so thin,

It fails be coaxed

To grow back in,

Thus pate regrets

That bushy hair,

Of peacock fame

Beyond repair,

Held chose delimit

Its germinal game,                                              

Evokes sad memory                                                

Of his lamented mane!

                                                                                                                                                                                                          © Jean-Jacques Fournier


“ I Love It All ” ~ but most of all ~


I love your eyes

And so your nose,

I love your mouth

Even your toes,

I love the hair

Upon your head,

I love your legs

And pubic snare

I love your breasts,

Choice be my nest…


I love the way

Your pelvis shows,

I love that bone

But most of all,

I love the thought

That it be home,

I love the cheeks

Of your derrière,

I love its beauty

Looks debonair,

I love it all, alas

This paradise be a fair!