“ The Beginning ” ~ goals not forever ~


In the beginning

Declared alive,

Tho not forever

We’re to survive,

Nor be the wiser

Save few clever,

Saw worth persist

Embrace alive,

Subject decides

Goals not forever,

Bids why so devised …


Thus man’s mind

Of tenacious bind,

Aims fashion delay

To a shortish stay,

While not eternal

Seeks fix revision,

To alter ways vision

Life sees road’s bend,

Might find sidestep end!


                                             man’s ever ludicrous dream


“ The Fox ” ~ in inhuman state ~

I am the fox

Who goals survive,

Through foxy guile

And wise mind gate,

But to remain alive

Man must with haste,

Shed inhuman state

Of failing world’s fate,

He unwittingly devised!