“ Bonds We Groom ” ~ yet fail find mend ~

I incline to contend

The gods so intend

We’d endure assume,

There’d be an end

To bonds we groom,

With they in whom

Such love might lend,

Live beyond affability

Yet fail we find mend

With true held friend,

Gesture furthermore

With inanimate look,

In lieu of bid to restore!

“ Mrs. Jones ” ~ that look of love ~


That look of love

Just glimmers,

While a gesture

Ever slight,

Extends a hand

To fondle such,

And so caress

The bared outline

Of a yearning breast,

Tho its velvet touch

Barely arrests her lover…


Alas the lady

Gazes in his eyes,

The while behind

A telltale band

All but discerned,                                 

Chokes the hand

Of its protagonist…


Ah Mrs Jones

That pleasure

Be but tempting fate,

In your endeavour

To indulge a stolen kiss!