“ Benignity ” ~ be friend fair ~

Do be friend fair

Who’ll ne’er stray,

As to be ever there

Holds mean to stay,

Thru thick n thin

Wouldst not betray,

Or cause chagrin

Hence compensate,

Be oblivious to sin

The while meditate,

Sadly none to rescind

Till ye find situate,

Benignity therein

A truly bested state,

In varied compatibility

Humanistically paired,

Despite some dullards take,

Save who seeks be friend fair!


                                                                    © Jean-Jacques Fournier




“ Alter Ego ” ~ close trusted friend ~


That alter ego

Remembers then,

Close trusted friend

Far better when,

Knew of a time

Needn’t a rhyme,

With aide-mémoire

For friend of mind,

To so find time

Not to misuse

But to miss have,

The memory of

Un ami sage,

Close trusted friend!