“ A Fox ” ~ in a box ~

Alas poor fox

Tho fast enough

Risks be caught,

But due to hunger

Has need wander,

Yet ever deeper

Finds but danger,

Where soon fox

Suffers a trap,

Then sent in a box

To parade as a hat,

Or  a fox coat done so,

Just to tease la Bardot!

                                                            ode to Brigitte Bardot…


           I am a supporter of all ‘animal life protection’ wild and tamed,

                                as well as the privileged owner of two Maine Coon cats!


          I am also presently under treatment for my black humour illness…


“ The Fox ” ~ in inhuman state ~

I am the fox

Who goals survive,

Through foxy guile

And wise mind gate,

But to remain alive

Man must with haste,

Shed inhuman state

Of failing world’s fate,

He unwittingly devised!