“ A Minute ” – now or then –

Said of a minute

Born to life,

Be a need for it

Tho enters strife,

Despite commit

To its short site,

Life persists to emit

Tho maybe a plight,                                     

Holds of portent

Yet it is swallowed,

By the hour

And this to follow,

As if to scour

Chose be the fellow,

To do another

As if led by the echo,

Of a wilful brother

Not for a minute,

Would let fate posture

To fix a mindless habit,

Of disaffected bother

Ne’er now or then submit,

Tho for but a minute, now or then!


                                                    © Jean-Jacques Fournier




“ A Tear ” ~ too many ~


I’ve caused a tear

Or two, too many,

Thru all the years

Or most of every,

Admittedly clear

Be short of reason,

Thus sorry pleas

Not worth a penny

Nor a dime,

Save every time

There be sadness

Sure to follow,

Mostly mine!