“ A Perfidious Ruse ” ~ waiting for peace ~

I wait for peace

Despite discord,

Eager to reach

Warless afford,

A pact to cease

The overboard,

Of man’s fixate

In a greed state,

While anxious

In fear I await,

The price to pay

For callous ear,

Ignored of way

To render clear,

We left behind

Chances galore,

Of unused time

To amend score,

Waiting for peace

To accentuate life,

In lieu of wanton abuse

And man’s warring rife,

He plays peace as a perfidious ruse!

“ Obsessed ” ~ a fearful bent ~

He runs to flee
The feel of death,
With a fearful bent
Fixed on his breath,
No doubt be spent
On a hapless plight,
Spinning out time
Thru day and night,
Desperate to shed
What blurs his mind,
Held be fixate
He must so mend,
Before it’s past late
For a dispossessed,
Who so condemned
Must live obsessed,
Save he should find
Plight’s end in time!

“ Night Demons ” ~ in a child’s bed ~


My gaze fixates

On ghastly settings,

Lurid hatchings

Wickedly depicting

Aspects of time,

In childish dreams

Living vividly

As ghoulish heads,

Inside the pillow

Of a child’s bed…


Yet tho I try to flee

Night demons that be,

They still indulge

To inject my sleep

With warping images

Of odious sweeps,

Till endurance falters,

And thus my screams

Of adolescent dreams…


On lonely nights

They will take flight

To wrest the slumber

From frenzied weepers,

Till whimpers turn to wails

From wretched gruesome tails,

Reaching to seem real

As wouldst my nightly demons!