“ Now You’re Here ” ~ too soon you’re gone ~


Now you’re here,

Tho far too soon

You’re gone,

Leaving no reason

To the surrounds,

Save suggest year

Had but one season

Rather unclear,

Seen fulltime grey

With baleful demons,

No longer able

Kept at bay,

And so fate chose

You disappear,

To not extend

You suffer appear,

Another morrow’s day!


“ Another Day ” ~ time extracts ~


Another day

Time extracts

Along the way,

Every moment

Ever fast

I but nigh feel,

The while I ache

Time need relent

To thus allow

The full extent

Of a day’s bent,

Tho I should fuss

That time amends,

It pays no mind

My want expend

Should I want live,

If but another day!