“ The Ascendancy ” ~ reaching beyond ~

There is a time,

All has been said

Exceeds the line,

Of hapless dread

Reaching beyond,

Said soul be bled

By they who bond,

To destroy means

Of righting wrongs,

As empowered few

Willfully prolong,

Their financial stew

Of concocted chicanery

That maximize greed,

The while they control

All financial proceeds,

Till we succumb whole

As bankers watch bleed,

We cashless poor souls

Of ignored human needs,

Beg of credit card moles

To restore coins you feel,

Razed as ascendancy spoils!


                                                           ode to bankers & credit-card Tzars


“ A Life To Keep ” ~ past my next sleep ~


I have a life

I wish to keep,

Tho may not live

Past my next sleep…


That I do try

To will its keep,

There be no bye

Or assured pass,

Nor of a morrow

Though I may ask,

Exceeds its stay

To so divine a way,

Beyond its fated day!